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What Is Energy Medicine?

When I first put the term Energy Medicine on my clinic sign, I was referring to the methods of treatment that I provide that work moving energy, such as Reiki, Polarity, or Shiatsu.

Then one morning an idea woke me up. Treatment frequency could not only mean how often a patient sees their doctor, but it could also be at what frequency of energy am I, as the doctor, going to intercede or interact with my patient to best achieve our treatment goals.

The ancient healers of China and India apparently understood what our modern physicists do, that everything in the universe is energy (E=MC²). Everything in the universe is vibrating. It is either vibrating or moving slow enough to be perceived as solid matter or vibrating fast enough to be non- solid. Ice, water, and steam are all H 2 O. Their molecules are just moving at different speeds or frequency.

When a patient comes in, I like to try and view them from three main perspectives. The “slowest” version is their physical body. While it is quite complex, one of the most common problems is that their muscles and joints are not well balanced biomechanically as they move through gravity. This can result in pain, excessive joint wear, and poor athletic performance.

The next “faster” frequency is our energy body. We have seven main energy centers or vortexes of energy known as chakras. These are located along the centerline of the body and they have a great impact on our endocrine system that produce chemicals and hormones used to regulate numerous vital functions in the body. We also have pathways of energy, known as meridians, that connect to everything in the body like an auxiliary nervous system. When this human electronics system gets blocked of imbalanced, pain, dysfunction, or disease may follow.

The “fastest” or most subtle body is the realm of the mind and spirit. Our mind has a direct effect on our physical and energetic body. This can be both a beneficial influence or a negative one, often depending upon our belief systems, intentions, or energetic imbalances. In a similar category is our spirit and our level of conscious awareness. The potential to expand our consciousness, have lucid dreams, heal ourselves, and grow to learn how powerful we really are, is very exciting to me.

As complex beings, we can experience imbalances in more than one density or frequency at the same time. Because of this, I will often combine more than one modality per treatment to affect the greatest change and achieve the treatment goals. My main tools or modalities that I use to assist my patients back to health and balance are:

  • Acupuncture

  • Shiatsu

  • Reiki

  • Massage Therapy

  • Active, Assisted Stretching


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