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White Sand and Stone


Dr. Jeff is amazing! He helped me through excruciating lower back pain that radiated down my leg using acupuncture and cupping. Each visit, he listened when I explained my symptoms and always made sure to address my pain point at the time. He was always very flexible and accommodated my schedule. 1000% recommend his services!

- Lauren H. 

“I am a nurse with severe arthritis. I have been having acupuncture for some time weekly. Jeff has kept me pain free. It was a blessing finding Jeff and I recommend my coworkers and patients to see him. Too many take harmful pain meds that destroy their ability to have a quality life.  Give him a chance to help, you will not be sorry!!” 

- Laura

“Dr. McConnell was very accommodating of my schedule. I have struggled with chronic lower back pain. I was a bit apprehensive to try acupuncture. It was incredible, Dr. McConnell was very professional and made it quite comfortable. 80% of my back pain is gone with one visit.  Thank you, Dr. McConnell!!!!!”

“My daily headaches are gone! Not only has Dr. Jeff provided excellent acupuncture and massage medical services, but he’s also taught me a lot about how to take care of chronic issues better on my own too.  I've learned stretches that I can do at home that lengthen shortened muscles eliminating my recurring pain. I've learned about foods and supplements to add and eliminate from my diet based on my specific issues. I can't wait to learn more about energy healing!”

 - Elizabeth

“I went to Jeff for acupuncture treatments for injuries in my shoulder and elbow from years of baseball. Jeff is a professional through and through. The care was also incredible.  I'm terrified of needles but after meeting Jeff was willing to give it a try. After just one session I was able to fully straighten out my elbow for the first time in probably 6 years. The treatments work and Jeff knows his stuff and keeps the air light and relaxing the whole time. I highly recommend him and his work.”
- Craig

“I regularly get massages due to my workout regimen and came here because my regular therapist was booked. I have to say I’m not sure why there isn’t a line around the block. Very talented and knowledgeable beyond comprehension. Five stars all the way!”
- Monte

"Dr. Jeff showed me some wonderful ways to stretch my spine, greatly helping me avoid further impingement on my spinal nerve by my severely herniated disk."

- Steve B.

"I could not raise my arm over my shoulder without pain. Dr. Jeff seemed to accurately diagnose my particular problem right away. I suggested acupuncture, but he determined that deep tissue massage was what I needed. The treatment was a little painful but my condition was remarkably improved after the first session. Dr. Jeff seems to understand the complexities of how the body is all connected in many ways. He is almost like a functional doctor. I think I am preventing rotator cup surgery by these wonderful, effective treatments from Dr. Jeff. I think prevention is so much better than treatment, and I feel sessions with Dr. Jeff will help me prevent my body from deteriorating as I get older."

- Kumiko W.

"Jeff has taught me reiki and shiatsu in his courses and is one of the most talented spiritual and hands on guide and mentor I have ever came across! His teaching are always comprehensive and he takes great time to make sure you understand the concepts. I absolutely loved the massage and reiki sessions he offered as well! I am proud to have learned and use his services!"

-Iulia A.

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