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Is Shiatsu for You?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

If you need powerful healing in your life, consider Shiatsu! Think of like this... We have pathways of energy that connect to every part of the body, and vortexes of energy along the central core of the body. By facilitating the smooth flow of energy through these pathways and vortexes, shiatsu can help to reduce their clients’ physical and emotional pain and improve function of the internal organs and endocrine glands   What is not often realized is that these forms of therapy can also affect the brain and the mind, leading to clarity of thought, improved focus, and better memory. Some people experience an increase in spiritual awareness or insight.

Some of you are more inclined to focus on the physical body. The body is the foundation and root from which the energy body and spirit can safely grow and develop. When the body is out of balance and in pain, it is hard to focus the mind or spirit on anything else. A recent experience of mine reminded me again how powerful these therapies can be. A couple of weekends ago, I was on a lunch break from teaching my Reiki I class. As I was talking to one of my students, she related to me that she had been experiencing daily headaches. The first question that popped into my head was, what part of her head did she feel the pain? As she waved her right hand from her occiput to her forehead, I said: “Oh, that’s Gallbladder”. I explained that she had traced over part of the Gallbladders’ energetic pathway, and that that did not necessarily mean that there was anything wrong with her Gall Bladder. Being a helpful sort, like most of us attracted to the healing fields, I offered to try a little Shiatsu on her to see if I could relieve her pain. I focused on the first half of the meridian along the head and neck on the affected side. After a little more than 10 minutes, I concluded the session, because our lunch break was nearly over. Miss W. said her headache was gone. A few days after the seminars’ conclusion, I received a Facebook message from her letting me know that the headaches had still not returned. The reason for telling you this story is not to brag about how good I am. It’s to let you know that Shiatsu is such a powerful healing method, that even though I have practiced it since I took it as my 100 hour specialty back in massage school, 25 some years ago, I am still periodically surprised at how effective it really is. And one clear advantage that Shiatsu has over my acupuncture practice – no one is afraid of my finger!

Congratulations on your expanding consciousness!!!


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